Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 15

Tuesday, I had my first appointment with Dr. Morrison.. she was okay. Maybe I just think so much of Dr. Glynn and my nurse here in Sabetha that no matter how wonderful my new doctor was, she just wasn't going to measure up to Dr. Glynn. In 28 days, (Feb. 24th) I get to have my third ultrasound and we get to find out the sexes of the babies. My mom and I are very excited about that. There isn't a basketball game that evening so hopefully, we will have time to run around and buy a few baby things. I can't wait any longer!! I was thisclose to buying some maternity jeans but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I keep saying "I'm not THAT pregnant." Or, "I'm not pregnant enough for maternity jeans." And I'm NOT! I got a little band thingy that will let me wear my jeans unbuttoned so I can go longer without maternity jeans. I also got some leggings to wear under my jeans when I'm working at the store because it gets cold up there! Anyway, my appointment went well with my doctor. She told me that the twins are fraternal and because pregnancies with multiples are higher risk than a singleton pregnancy I am considered "high risk" but I am the lowest of the high risk.. so not really high risk at all. I bought a diaper bag already.. It hasn't come in yet but it will soon! I also accidently got a matching wallet.. oops. :) Dr. Morrison told me that I will get to have an ultrasound every month throughout my pregnancy, which I'm pretty excited about. The babies will most likely be delivered at Stormont in Topeka because they have a NICU. I'm still bummed that I don't get to have them in Sabetha, but the safety of the babies comes first. Also, this week I have been feeling itty bitty little baby flutters. Its usually when I'm relaxing in the evening and it just feels like someone is flicking or poking me from the inside. It's fun :)

Have a good weekend!
Olivia, Baby A, and Baby B 
(Who are now the size of apples)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 14

Just a small update of my week! Getting a little anxious to feel a kick or punch or something exciting, but I know I probably have a few weeks yet. Also, I want to point out that I had an awful headache and a small case of the pregnant girl rage when this photo was taken. Maybe the next one will be cuter! And maybe someday I'll have my printer set up so I can scan the pictures of my critters.

Have a great weekend! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Seeing Double

I've been wanting to write about this since I found out, but 1.) my laptop's hard drive crashed...or something. It is living at Best Buy until it gets fixed which sadly means that I cannot drool over cute baby pictures on Pinterest or shop for crib bedding, or baby clothes. and 2.) I wanted to wait until I had a "baby bump" picture taken.. which hasn't happened yet. Mainly because I'm forgetful. And I don't really have a bump. Its more of a pooch. And if you didn't know I was pregnant, you would just think I was a little chubby.

Tuesday, January 3rd, I went to the hospital with my mom for my first ultrasound. I also had to get a flu shot and have my blood drawn so the excitement of seeing my little blueberry for first time was masked by my sheer terror of the needles that were going to be poking me afterward. We got to the hospital, checked in, waited a few minutes and went on into the dark room where the guy with the sea shell necklace does your ultrasound. (He for real has a sea shell necklace. And he's very sweet.) I layed on the table and my mom took a seat in the chair. I lifted my shirt up and tucked a towel into my pants and the guy squeezed the warm gooey stuff onto my still flat belly. (Side note- The night before my ultrasound I had told Meagan "I bet they're going to tell me I'm not even pregnant. I just have some sort of  weird flu that makes me feel awful all the time and made my woman cycle stop"...oh how wrong I was!!) He started to wave the little wand around on my belly and I was watching the screen intently. I don't know ANYTHING about ultrasounds but I had this weird feeling.. and then I thought I saw two sacks. He didn't say much for about a minute and I was getting a little panicky. FINALLY after what felt like thirty years of waiting, the man with the sea shell necklace said "Well, here's a head and a heartbeat, " and before I could even get psyched about seeing the little thing he says it again. "and here's a head and a heartbeat. So you have two babies." EXCUSE ME?! I sat up as much as I could and looked at my mom and she looked like she had seen a ghost. She had a very shocked look on her face and I watched her slide down in her chair a little bit. I laid back down and I put my heads above my head like I was trying to catch my breath after a long run. Two babies?! TWO? I don't know what I said... but I think it was something like "Ohmygoshholysh**". He asked me if I was okay and I said yes and he went on with the ultrasound. He measured Baby A and Baby B and printed off some pictures for us to have. I wasn't ready for ONE baby. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH TWO BABIES?! Where are they going to go?! I think I have a fairly small frame so I don't know about carrying around two babies inside me for nine months. And after THEY (It took a few days to get used to saying "babies" and "they") arrive, where are we going to put them in our house?! Last summer, I felt like there wasn't really room for me anymore.. and now I'm back. And I'm having TWINS. Luckily, we have something figured out for now, but man oh man, is it going to be cramped until we get our own place!

Finally, my mom and I left the ultrasound room and went to go get my blood drawn (and if you know me AT ALL, you know that faint when I'm in the same room as a needle...or if my knees are locked, or if I get elbowed in the ribs, or if I get a tooth pulled, or if I get a splinter taken out of my hand, etc.). We go into the lab and this big burly man with hairy hands sits down next to me to take my blood. I told the guy that I pass out every time I get pricked with a needle and he started acting like HE was getting freaked out because I pass out. He put the rubber thingy on my arm and I turned my head and started talking to my mom. My head was so full of the thought that there were TWO LITTLE HUMANS growing inside me that I didn't even really notice the man with hairy hands poking and prodding my arm. Next thing I knew, he goes "Alright, we're done!" And I about passed out from the excitement that I didn't pass out!! We walked to another room and a nurse gave me my flu shot and the same thing happened. I'm getting tougher!!

We left the hospital and went out to the store to tell my dad the news.. My mom and I were freaking out about what my dad was going to say and I suggested we take him a beer or SOMETHING to make it a little easier. We handed him the pictures and didn't say anything. He picked up on the Baby A and Baby B thing in about 5 seconds (which was quicker than most). Everyone was shocked, surprised, worried, nervous... but its been almost two weeks. And we're getting things figured out. I think what is most scary is not having a plan. I don't like it when things don't go according to plan... and now look at my life. Full of unplanned little surprises!

The last week and a half has been CRAZY. And tomorrow starts my second trimester. Whoa. This is going by a little faster than I'd like. But everyone in my life has been wonderful. FIRST, my family. Right now, I have the emotional stability of a two year old. And thank goodness they haven't kicked me out of the house because of my mood swings! My friends have also been awesome.. letting me rant and cry and laugh uncontrollably.. I appreciate every single minute I get to spend with you crazy, crazy people. My co workers at Country Mart...AWESOME. I could not ask for a better group of people to work with. I love every single person there. In the mornings when I feel like I'm going to pass out, I just have to tell someone and they jump in my box and take over checking for me so I can go sit for a minute. The other day I had people bringing me cool rags and bottles of water. I LOVE my job and I LOVE my co workers. I can't say it enough. AND! They let me sit on a stool when I'm checking :):) And then people I don't even know have sent me Facebook messages to let me know that everything is going to be okay. My teachers from high school have also been helpful and encouraging. I just can't even believe all of the support I have gotten from people in my community. I am so thankful to live in this town.

This is becoming a novel but I have just one more quick thing to say. And it might be too much information but..whatever. Soon after my ultrasound, I started spotting. Which freaked me out. So I was calling my doctor pretty much every five minutes and they scheduled an emergency ultrasound for me just to make sure everything was okay. Reggie and my mom went with me this time, we didnt even have to hardly wait. We got in there and I was a little nervous (But I get nervous about everything..). The guy with the sea shell necklace found Baby A and it's heartbeat and then Baby B and it's heartbeat. Everything was fine. And I got to watch them dancing and bouncing around in there. We even saw Baby B opening and closing its mouth! It was cute. Long story short, I know these little people weren't planned but when I thought there might be something wrong with one or BOTH of them, I realized how much I already love them. I love showing people the pictures and even if THEY don't think my two little blobs are cute, something is wrong with them. They are the CUTEST blobs I have ever seen. I feel a rant coming on about how cute the pictures are so I better end this blog post before it becomes ridiculous.

Have a great weekend!! And happy second trimester to me and my babies (who are now the size of lemons)

Love, Olivia, Baby A and Baby B :)

P.S.- Hopefully the next post will have a picture of my precious little blobs and MAYBE a picture of my tummy. I said maybe.