Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

 It's my mom's birthday!! Here are some pictures of her from the past few years :)

My mom and I at my highschool graduation

My parents trying out "shutter shades" for the first time.

Playing HedBandz in Meagan and I's newly decorated room

My mom and dad at their 25th wedding anniversary

Happy Birthday, Mama Toosa! I love you so much!! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

80's Night In Kansas 4!!

Since my roommate, Hannah is the RA, she throws a party once a month for our residents. Last night, we had an 80's dance party. We ate pizza pull apart stuff, had a photo booth, and danced the night away playing Just Dance on the Wii. It was so fun!

Me and my roomie :) I love her.

Our suite mates, Sarah and Whitney (Better known as "The Babies")

New Toms!!

One shoe down, two to go!

What a fun way to spend the afternoon :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fly Me To The Moon!

The other day in Typography we had a competition to see who could get the highest score in this little kerning game. Try it out!  The first time I tried it, I got an 83%. But! I eventually got a 95% and then finally a 100% making me the winner of the competition :) The prize was this poster that my teacher whipped up on his letter press!

I also happened to have been working on a Frank Sinatra poster when I won it which made the victory that much sweeter. :)


One of my bestest friends, Samantha asked me to fix up a pair of her Toms all cute like for her senior pictures!! Here are the Toms that I did for myself this summer!

And yes, I'm standing on my coffee table. 

And here is a picture of Sam and I :)

I'll add before and after pictures of her Toms later tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A blog?

Here goes. I've been asking myself lately, What is the best way I can keep my fam updated on my life happenings? (Mainly my art projects and other various crafts because, lets be honest, is all I really care about.) And since I don't have service in Highland, this doesn't seem to be too bad of an idea. And I can share pictures of my projects which is nice. But anyway!

I made this in Typography. I was grumpy and feelin' sassy so I whipped this up! I'm so glad that my teacher, Sam, brought his letter press to class and let us play with it :)