Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 23

Well, a belly picture in my pajamas was sure to happen eventually. The past few weeks have been busy times! And the weather has been nice.. who wants to be inside writing about getting fat when you can be outside? I had a doctor's appointment on Friday, and the babes are lookin good. I read a thing every week to see what's going on with them and this week it said that the baby (it was written for people who do the one baby at a time thing) should be around one pound. WELL GUESS WHAT?! My BABIES are each a pound and a half. I win. Jacob got to see the babies on the ultrasound screen and hear their heartbeats for the first time at this appointment so that was exciting (and cute). My doctor briefly talked about moving my due date up, which sounds AWESOME..but he didn't.

On Saturday, we reached 24 weeks which is considered "viability age". If (god forbid) the babies are born soon, they have a much higher chance of surviving. Good job, babes!!

The babies are moving around A LOT. The number on the picture isn't exact.. but its pretty close, I think. I can see them moving around in there and sometimes they'll jab me right on the edge of my ribs and it'll hurt a little but its not too bad yet. Mostly just cute. My awesome cousin Natalie**, has lent me her fetal doppler monitor so I can listen to the babes' heartbeats whenever I want! We've been having lots of fun with that. (**Natalie had her bebe, Lillian Margaret Deters and she is a doll.) I've been crafting and trying my best to get our sewing machine going but its taking awhile..especially because I get distracted or mad and leave it for a few days.. I'll post pictures of what I've made in my next post..I've mostly just been hoarding fabric.

So its been a good few weeks! And by comparing the pictures it looks as if I've grown quite a bit. Yikes. But, good news- NO stretch marks yet. and I lotion like a crazy person and drink lots of water so hopefully we keep those to a minimum :)

Have a great week! :)

Olivia, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 21

I cry when I watch The Help. I cry when I think about not sharing a room with my sister anymore. I cry when I think about Brendon going to college. I cry when I think about not being in Sabetha when Reggie is going through Highschool. I cry when I get acceptance letters from where I would be attending college next semester. I cry when I watch youtube videos. ANY youtube video. Okay, not any youtube video.. mainly those videos of men who have served our country coming home and surprising their families. My dad walked in the living room the other day and sees me crying on the couch.* Hesistantly, he says "...what's wrong?" and in my ugly cry voice I say "IM JUST WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOSSSS WAHHH." Doug laughs, rolls his eyes, and says "Oh Olivia" and walked away before things got out of hand. I tried so hard to laugh about it but that is a very hard thing to do when you're crying!! So then I get a hold of myself and walk into the kitchen and sit down and my dad told me to explain to my mother what the heck just happened in the living room. So NATURALLY, I start crying again while trying to tell my mom what I was watching on youtube. Fun fact about Olivia: Once I start crying about something, it takes SEVERAL hours for me to get completely settled down. I can't think about it or talk about it with out getting worked up all over again. I was this way before I was pregnant. But now that I'm pregnant, I cry over everything! Everything. I finally got myself settled down enough to explain to my parents and sibling why I was a crying raving lunatic for thirty minutes. We had a good laugh and then my dad made guacamole. Guacamole makes everything 3548654x better. Especially when it is made by my dad who is a grocer, not in the military. THANK GOD. I have the emotional stability of a two year old. Happy one minute, ugly crying the next. I'm not sure how I would handle my dad being away for so long.

My first year of college I cried every Sunday night when I left to go back to Highland. Because I love the crap out of the people that I live with. I can't imagine a better family. A better mom, a better dad, a better brother, better sisters. Long story short, (or maybe long story long?) when crap happens that makes me cry (i.e. getting an acceptance letter from the K-State Interior Design program for Fall of 2012, which I will not be attending) there is no one else I would rather cry on than my family. Sometimes I get sad that I'm not in Highland (or at any college really) taking art classes and running around my friends and acting all crazy....but then I remember the people that I am so blessed to live with. I get to come home and watch my brother and dad make fools of themselves walking up and down the stairs trying (and failing) to make it look like they are on an escalator. I get to stay up late with Meagan and laugh at things that aren't even funny. I get to enjoy family dinners when we are all home. I get to laugh with my mom over silly baby things. I get to watch Reggie kiss my belly twice every night before she goes to bed. I get to be surrounded by all this love while I'm going through this pregnancy. I get to be with my favorite people in the whole world. How can I be sad about anything when I get to be around these people? I can't wait for these two little babes to join our family and love it just as much as I do.

* My dad walked in RIGHT after I had watched a guy surprise his daughter at a cheer competition, so naturally I was putting myself in her shoes and thinking about what it would be like to not see my dad everyday SO NATURALLY* I was sobbing uncontrollably. (

  *Saying "So, naturally" is my way of making myself feel better about crying over everything. 
Because its NATURAL to cry over everything. Naturally.

Here are some pictures of the people I love :)

Now that I'm done being Emotional are some pictures from the last week or so :)   (looking these over, they are not from the last week. They are all from yesterday. I did not wear the same tshirt and sweatpants all week.)

Meagan and I got a little carried away with the stroller pictures.. 

and then I made Nutella cresent rolls.. And left them in the oven a tiny bit too long. 

And then we snarfed. Of course Meagan looks cuter than me. 

Natalie- 39 weeks, Me- 21 weeks.
Can't wait to meet Baby Girl Deters next week!! :)

After this was taken, Meagan looks at it and says "Hm. It looks like we're sisters or something."
And at the same time we both say "No. You were adopted."
Haha, sisters indeed!

Here's an actual picture of my stroller.. (sans me acting like a hooligan)
It has two seats but I laid them both down all the way since los bambitos wont be
able to sit up this summer when we're using it. 

And...Meagan trying to make it look like she's in the stroller? ...Did not work.

We're half way done with being pregnant! WOOHOO!! It hasn't been a barrel of fun for me. Tired, sickish, headaches, leg cramps, sore belly....Name a body part and I have something weird going on with it. BUT! It's worthwhile when I get to sit on the couch and watch my belly jump and move. I feel lots of movement now.. Sometimes I think they're having a rave in there. And baby girl is already tucked up in my ribs. The other night it felt like she was fist pumping... It doesn't hurt, yet. And I feel like I should save up all my complaining for when I'm farther along because I KNOW that doesn't look comfortable. What was Michelle Duggar thinking?! Yikes.

Maybe next week my blog post can be a little more chipper and less complain-y.. But I doubt it. :)

Have a great week!!

Olivia, Baby Girl, and Baby Boy