Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 32

I had my first Mother's Day and I got to spend it with Jacob at the Manhattan Zoo and then we came home to my house and had a lovely supper on the patio with my family. My mom got me a sweet little book and a subscription to American Baby. I also got a coupon from my friends, Matt and Haylie and some TOMS from my sweet friend, Amanda. :)

I've spent the last few weeks working and getting larger by the minute. Some days it feels like I'm carrying two 500 pound babies in there. And little miss Baby Girl thinks its fun to act a fool in my rib cage to the point of my ribs popping. Ouch. Before I was pregnant the size of a cruise ship, I could sleep like a champ. I would lay down and be asleep within minutes and not wake up until my alarm went off the next morning. It was phenomenal. BUT NOW, I wake up every 30 minutes to reposistion because I can't breathe, or have heartburn, or my ribs/back/everything hurts. I think its some sort of sick joke that I can't get a full nights sleep before the babies get here because as EVERYONE so kindly (<-sarcasm) tells me, I won't be sleeping for the next 18 years or so. Update-- I am fully aware babies don't sleep through the night. THANK YOU.

I've been having a good time with Braxton Hicks contractions. They've been going on for about the last week and a half and the first night I had one, I also had a dream that the babies were born and I didn't have their (ha, OUR) room ready. I didn't have bottles. Crib. Nothing. It was scary. I woke up in a panic and spent the next two days making lists (that I've now lost) of what I need to do before they get here.

ALSO- I'm at 32 weeks now, so if the babes wait to get here for another four weeks, then we HOPEFULLY dont have to be in the NICU. Which is the goal. I think having nurses take my sweet little babies away RIGHT AFTER I have them would be the worst thing ever and I would most definitely cry. But lets be honest, I sometimes cry at Pampers commercials. Right when I think I'm doing good emotionally, something ridiculous happens and I just melt. Its usually because I watch a Baby Story and then I see the babies and everything IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL that I cant help but cry.

My next doctor's visit is on Thursday and my bff Anna is going with me. Its not a sonogram, just a really boring appointment where I sit in the waiting room for three hours and then talk to my doctor for three minutes and its over. Annoying. But after that, we're going to shop all day and then meet my OTHER bff, Amanda for pedicures! My toes are gonna look dang good when I have these babies.


I was so excited when I got my crib bedding today. AND the box was even cute. AND the tape on the box! So yes, I took a picture of it. (Picture of crib bedding next time I blog maybe.)

My new Toms :)
Thanks, Amanda!!

You know its cute. I have the best friends in the world.

AND the best Reggie in the world :)  If you can't read it, it says:

"Happy 1st Mother's day! I <3 u and bby A & bby B

<3 Reggie"


What a long winded blog post! I'm off for a walk waddle with my mom :)

Love, Olivia, Baby Girl and Baby Boy

P.S.- I don't want to toot my own horn but... at my last sonogram, the ultrasound tech was very impressed with my lack of stretch marks. And now, two weeks later, I still don't have any!! AND, I haven't gained weight since Easter..but the babies have? I don't know how that works but if my doctor is cool with it (Which she is),then so am I! Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 29

Well, Week 29 (And 28, and 27, and 26) has been pretty eventful. Brendon went to prom, Meagan broke the SHS high jump record (She cleared 5'5) and Reggie "crossover"-ed in Girl Scouts, and the parents went to Cancun! I've been working and running (not actually running, hah) between Highland and Sabetha a lot. I'm making sure to get lots of girl time with Hannah and "not parents yet" time with Jacob in before the kidlets make their appearance. 
I read a few weeks ago that if someone puts their ear up to your belly and listens real close they MIGHT MAYBE be able to hear a little heartbeat.. So, Jacob tried it. And got punched/kicked in the ear. Then he tried again a few weeks later and actually got to hear baby boy's heart beat! YAY! 
Also, the names are pretty much picked out and decided on.. not set in stone because we all know how indecisive I am, but we're like 99.97% sure what the names will be. And I'm excited! And if you ask, I won't tell you. Because its a secret. AND I could  still change my mind. AND I really don't want to hear someone say "Thats weird/boring/odd/different/unique/ugly/anythingbutthebestnameever." So there's that. Here are a few pictures from the last week! :)

I bought a new camera and this was the first picture we took with it..
I thought it was blog-worthy :)

Jacob put a bowling ball in his shirt..? I look like a fool in this picture but I think it accurately describes our relationship- lots of laughing. :)

My beautiful friend, Hannah.

My man and I at the art show :) :)

Hannah and I at the art show
If you want to look 15-20 lbs lighter, take a picture with a pregnant girl. Works every time. ;)

Its been a great week spent with great people that I love. :) :)

BUT. Thats not to say that I haven't been extra moody. YOU try carrying around a 679 pound belly and see how chipper you are!!

Here's a short list of things that irritate the scary pregnant girl this week:

1. People who look at my belly before making eye contact. RUDE.
2. Hearing that one of my favorite teachers at SHS is saying not so nice
things about my "situation". I realize that being unwed and pregnant isn't
exactly ideal, and that the timing is bad, and blah blah blah. But I don't
think SASS MOUTHIN about me to a bunch of high schoolers is really
going to change anything. Thanks for the kind thoughts though. <- sarcasm.
3. Putting shoes on. Not happening.
4. Painting my toe nails. Again, not happening. (Volunteers?)
5. Picking up things when I drop them.
6. Ankles that look more like tree trunks than dainty girly ankles. 
7.Heartburn. Holymolysweetchocolatestarfish heartburn. If the pregnancy 
wives' tale is true that heartburn makes babies have hair... my 
babies are gonna look like monkies.

Here's to another fun, sassy week!

Olivia, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl