Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 23

Well, a belly picture in my pajamas was sure to happen eventually. The past few weeks have been busy times! And the weather has been nice.. who wants to be inside writing about getting fat when you can be outside? I had a doctor's appointment on Friday, and the babes are lookin good. I read a thing every week to see what's going on with them and this week it said that the baby (it was written for people who do the one baby at a time thing) should be around one pound. WELL GUESS WHAT?! My BABIES are each a pound and a half. I win. Jacob got to see the babies on the ultrasound screen and hear their heartbeats for the first time at this appointment so that was exciting (and cute). My doctor briefly talked about moving my due date up, which sounds AWESOME..but he didn't.

On Saturday, we reached 24 weeks which is considered "viability age". If (god forbid) the babies are born soon, they have a much higher chance of surviving. Good job, babes!!

The babies are moving around A LOT. The number on the picture isn't exact.. but its pretty close, I think. I can see them moving around in there and sometimes they'll jab me right on the edge of my ribs and it'll hurt a little but its not too bad yet. Mostly just cute. My awesome cousin Natalie**, has lent me her fetal doppler monitor so I can listen to the babes' heartbeats whenever I want! We've been having lots of fun with that. (**Natalie had her bebe, Lillian Margaret Deters and she is a doll.) I've been crafting and trying my best to get our sewing machine going but its taking awhile..especially because I get distracted or mad and leave it for a few days.. I'll post pictures of what I've made in my next post..I've mostly just been hoarding fabric.

So its been a good few weeks! And by comparing the pictures it looks as if I've grown quite a bit. Yikes. But, good news- NO stretch marks yet. and I lotion like a crazy person and drink lots of water so hopefully we keep those to a minimum :)

Have a great week! :)

Olivia, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl

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