Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Worst Blogger Ever

WELL. After a four month hiatus from "blogging" (I dont even think I consider myself a blogger. I posted pictures of my pregnant-ness and now I post about my cherubs.) heres a quickie! 

Babies have grown. 

Jack ran for president... okay he didnt. But don't think he didn't beg me to!

Anddddddddddd Jacob and I got engaged!!!

And to be truthful, I LOVE (!!!!!!) the thought of getting to marry my best friend BUT I feel as though most everyone is more excited about the ring and the wedding than they are about Jacob and I making the decision to spend our lives devoted to one another. Can we just be excited about FOREVER here?!

Anyway. All is well here. The babies are healthy, their parents are in love.



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