Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Dreaded Photography Class

I did not, I repeat, DID NOT want to take Photo 1. But my always wise advisor, Mr. Leahy, forced me to. And, surprisingly, I actually enjoy it!! ...sometimes. The first couple of pictures are from the VERY beginning of the semester and to me, they're good. They are OKAY...I mean an butterfly on a flower picture. HOW ORIGINAL (not). But I think I definitely improved over the semester. And I made lots of new friends in this class!! :)

Butterfly on a Flower.... From our VERY FIRST assignment. It's eh.

Photo from our "Abstract" assignment...

The rest of these are from our most recent assignment.. The assignment was night shots and "elements of landscape"...whatever that means. I got an A, I believe, and I'm very happy with them. In fact, my photography teacher wants a print of one of them!!! I about hyperventilated when he said he wanted it :)

I took this on the night of the first snow in Highland! You can kind of see the snow on the awnings of the stores.

This one was in my backyard and I love it. During our critique everyone in my class said it reminded them of a fairy tale. :):) (And we all know how much I love fairy tales)

This is part of an uprooted tree I found on an adventure once. 

And last, but not least, the picture my teacher likes :) Just some roots I found at the Hiawatha lake. I had to pretty much get IN the lake and stand on a very unstable rock to take this picture. Luckily, I had my sweet little friend, Anna, hold the strap for the camera just incase I fell in.. I was okay with me getting wet.. the camera, not so much. 

That's it!! I have been meaning to do this post for quite some time but just now got time. Have a happy week! 

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