Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 15

Tuesday, I had my first appointment with Dr. Morrison.. she was okay. Maybe I just think so much of Dr. Glynn and my nurse here in Sabetha that no matter how wonderful my new doctor was, she just wasn't going to measure up to Dr. Glynn. In 28 days, (Feb. 24th) I get to have my third ultrasound and we get to find out the sexes of the babies. My mom and I are very excited about that. There isn't a basketball game that evening so hopefully, we will have time to run around and buy a few baby things. I can't wait any longer!! I was thisclose to buying some maternity jeans but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I keep saying "I'm not THAT pregnant." Or, "I'm not pregnant enough for maternity jeans." And I'm NOT! I got a little band thingy that will let me wear my jeans unbuttoned so I can go longer without maternity jeans. I also got some leggings to wear under my jeans when I'm working at the store because it gets cold up there! Anyway, my appointment went well with my doctor. She told me that the twins are fraternal and because pregnancies with multiples are higher risk than a singleton pregnancy I am considered "high risk" but I am the lowest of the high risk.. so not really high risk at all. I bought a diaper bag already.. It hasn't come in yet but it will soon! I also accidently got a matching wallet.. oops. :) Dr. Morrison told me that I will get to have an ultrasound every month throughout my pregnancy, which I'm pretty excited about. The babies will most likely be delivered at Stormont in Topeka because they have a NICU. I'm still bummed that I don't get to have them in Sabetha, but the safety of the babies comes first. Also, this week I have been feeling itty bitty little baby flutters. Its usually when I'm relaxing in the evening and it just feels like someone is flicking or poking me from the inside. It's fun :)

Have a good weekend!
Olivia, Baby A, and Baby B 
(Who are now the size of apples)

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  1. Cute weekly updates Olivia!! I doctored in Topeka too with Simon and I loved Stormont!! I think the next one I'll go back there too! I was scared outta my mind but felt so at ease too because they only deliver soooo many babies and know the routine so well.