Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 16

I usually post on Friday mornings but I had a very busy weekend so this is a little late. Oops :) Week 16 was uneventful. I've been feeling the babies flutter for about two weeks now and after asking hundreds of times "Did you feel that?!" and getting disappointed nos from Jacob he FINALLY felt one! WOO!! And to make it better, it was during the Superbowl half time. Babies must like Madonna. 

(From left: New* Sara, Whitney, Hannah, Old* Sarah, and I)
**NEW and OLD Sarah has nothing to do with their age. New Sara moved in when second semester started so that makes her new.

My roommates from last semester and I had a reunion on Wednesday night and we watched a movie and acted a fool just like we used to when we were living together. Other than that, week 16 was just like any other week, just work. But I enjoy my job so nothing to complain about here!

Love, Olivia, Baby A and Baby B

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