Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 37

Last weekly (or monthly) picture of the bump. THANK GOODNESS. Taking a picture of myself in this state takes alot of work!! Not much to say in this post.. and I kinda want to go lay down and enjoy my last night as a not parent.,. We're as ready as we can be.. Jacob installed the carseats, we packed our hospital bag(s), I'm doing my FINAL blog about being fat and sassy, we've (I've) read four billion books in preparation for these little critters, and we're ready to get this thing started!! Again, as ready as we can be.. How prepared can new parents really be, anyway? I've been working on converting my nervous-ness into excitement so tomorrow when I'm getting IV's and the spinal and they're cutting my guts open I can be all "OH MY GOODNESS IM SO EXCITED!!" instead of "ohmygoodnessimsonerv-" *faint*. Because I would like to be conscious when my babies are born. SO. EXCITED.

(Sidenote: My face is swollen in the bump picture because 1. My sweet puppy, Snowball had to be put to sleep yesterday so I've spent a good week and a half crying about that and 2. EVERYTHING ON MY BODY IS SWOLLEN)

Anywho-- here are some pictures of our cozy little room!!

I'm wishing I would have taken these pictures when it was light outside and my room was all light and pretty and not dark... but I am a little to lazy to re-do them now.

The plan is to hang some cute stuff over the crib and we have the babies' initials but we just need some more stuff and I havent found the perfect thing(s) to hang over there yet. And I think these pictures make my room look a little dark and gloomy but during the day time, i promise it is so lovely.

And since I'm all about lists these days...

Things I won't miss about being pregnant:

1. Opening doors into my belly
2. Being swollen and having dinosaur ankles
3. Not being able to perform to my full potential at 
Hu Hot because of limited stomach space
4. Not being able to see my belly button

Things I will miss about being pregnant:

1. Watching my belly move and act crazy at 11 pm every evening
2. Getting to go first in food lines
 because I'm eating for three
3. Getting discounts because I'm pregnant
(Thank you, Eagle Auto Wash!)
4. Being able to blame things on being pregnant
("I can't go downstairs...I'm pregnant."
"I forgot ___ and ____ and _____ because I'm pregnant!")
5. Getting to wear my daddy's shirts because NOTHING else fits.
This may seem like it should be on the other list but really, I like
wearing my dad's big t-shirts because 1. they're big and comfy and
2. they smell like my dad. Which might be weird? but whatever. I like
man smells. Not the gross ones though. I wear men's deodorant because
I like man smells THAT MUCH.

One last thing, when I called my Dad to tell him that we had set a date for the c-section his response wasnt "OH EM GEE YAYYYYYYY" it was "Olivia..... we have a double header that night." Silly dad. So we've got a double header in the morning (get it?! Because there are TWO babies!! hahahahah) and then another double header tomorrow night at the ball field. (PS- Uncle Brendon is pitching!!)

Have a good week! Next blog post will have pictures of babies!! :)

Love, Olivia, Baby Boy and Baby Girl

PS-- Here is a picture I REALLY dont want to put on here but I think with as much as I talk about my legs being swollen, it needs to happen. WARNING: It is horrifying and upsetting and I am SO GLAD that maxi skirts are "in" this summer so people dont have to see my scary scary feet/ankles/shins/knees/thighs ETC.

Horrifying. I know. And for those of you who dont have babies yet, let it be some form of birth control. :)

(This is WATER, not fat. Which means it will go away in two weeks max. Yay for getting my leggys back!)

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