Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 34/Baby Showers Galore!

Week 35 starts tomorrow!! Lots of exciting things since last post-- baby showers, my last ultra sound before the babes are born, nonstress test, bedroom put together, AND to top everything off, I only have 4 or 5 maternity shirts that still fit. Yikes.

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and we spent TWO HOURS at the clinic. Gross. But the sonogram was fun, even though it only accounted for 30-ish minutes out of the two hours. Baby Boy weighed in at 5 pounds 11 ounces and Baby Girl was a little smaller at 4 pounds 15 ounces..THAT IS TEN AND A HALF POUNDS OF BABY, PEOPLE. No wonder pregnant women waddle!! I think I've done pretty good with the whole not waddling thing but unfortunately, my toes/feet/ankles/shins/knees (and one time my FACE was even puffy) have swollen to the point of me not being able to bend them so now, I have no choice but to walk like a duck. You try walking with out bending your ankles and toes and let me know how it works out for you. But at the sonogram, the lady saw Baby Girl's hair (which was not very much and very very fine) and then she went to Baby Boy's side and saw his hair and it looked like it was everywhere!! So the heartburn pregnancy "myth" is true!! Also, Baby Girl had the hiccups through the whole appointment and it was adorable to watch on the screen. It seems like she always has the hiccups and to finally get to WATCH her little body jumping around was just so exciting (AND CUTE). Since Baby Boy weighed so much more than Baby Girl, my doctor wanted me to get a non-stress test done at the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 830 pm for what was supposed to be a 20 minute thing and we were there until 1030! All they had to do was listen to both heartbeats at the same time for twenty minutes straight. Sounds easy? It apparently wasn't easy because my sweet little babies were having rowdy time and moving around too much for them to find both heartbeats at the same time... after an hour and a half of battling with the babies, a nurse FINALLY found and kept both heartbeats on the monitor for twenty minutes and we got to go home. After a quick stop at McDonald's for shakes, we made it home around midnight. Such a long day!! But luckily, everything was fine and my babes are as healthy and cute as ever!

I've had three baby showers in the last three weeks. Its been fun getting to see old friends and some family that I don't get to see very often. The first baby shower took place in Mimi's loft and consisted of mainly my dad's side of the family plus a few people from my mom's side. The second shower was held at Nana Kay's house with the church ladies and several other women. The third was at my house, thrown by my beautiful friend, Hannah, with all my friends from high school and college. It was so great to have most of my friends all in one place at one time. I am so so happy I got to see them! :)

**Prepare for five million pictures**

(Looking back at pictures, I guess I had four baby showers... but the first one was just my immediate family and my grandma and her sisters)

My grandma, Nana (left) and her twin, Mae..still matching :)

My brother and Sarah :):) Cute business.

Shower at Mimi's--

The lovely lovely diaper bag I got from my mama...I have a matching wallet and coffee cup :)

Baby Boy blanket crocheted by my cousin, Tara

Baby Girl blanket, also crocheted by Tara

**My cousin, Nikki, ALSO made two beautiful blankets but I can't find the pictures of them :(

Thank goodness for helpful, crafty, creative, talented cousins! I am so lucky!

My awesome mom and I :)

And these next couple of pictures have nothing to do with babies but they are darn cute and I found them on my mom's camera and thought they needed to be shared.

Is he going to be the sweetest uncle ever or what?! :)

And if these two get any cuter, I'll be sick. I can't explain how many pictures my mom took of them just being cute. I controlled myself and didn't post all 500 of them.

Shower at Nana's--

My aunt Toni and Nana (and all of our yummy snacks!)

My sissies

My mom and her girls

Friend Shower--

Hannah and I frosting our mini fruit pizzas and quite obviously enjoying it.

My mom and Jen

Morgan (roommate from freshman year) and Jaycee

My sweet girls, Tristen, Reg, and Meg :) 

Amanda and Lauren getting PSYCHED about decorating onesies!

Lauren and I  

Leigha and I 

Amanda and I

Jaycee and I 

...Anna biting or kissing my belly. Who really knows.

Anna and I

My sisters

Sarah (roommate from sophomore year) and I 

KT and I

Mr. Matthew showed up just in time to take a picture with Haylie and I!

Courtney and I

Morgan and I

Pretty table :):) 

Food table :D

Our patio.. Hannah decorated it and it was beautiful.

Makin onesies :)

I've always wondered why my "ohmygoshsocute" face is also a pouty face... but I'm apparently not the only one :)

The onesies my sweet Jenna and Leigha made :)

Hannah and I :):)


Roommates minus Whitney :( We were upset.

My mama and I

Meagan missed out on this picture because she went to go take a nap. Lame.

Onesies!! Or "singlets" as Baylen called them.

Whew! What a busy couple of weeks. If I updated this blog more often, I wouldnt have blogposts with 500 bazillion million pictures. I have pictures of my new room but I think I'll just make that a blog post in itself in a few days. Blogging takes alot out of this lil mama!!

Have a happy week!!

Love, Olivia, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl 

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