Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Snow and Sparkly Bobby Pins

Last night, Highland has it's first snow!!!! I've been wearing my cheetah rain boots because I don't have actual SNOW boots. But I love them even though they are hard to go up and down stairs with and also make weird noises when I walk. 

I WOULD add pictures from our snow last night but that proves to be difficult as they are on the school computer and I don't know how to move them. Oh well. I'm sure everyone knows what snow looks like. I love it and I get tired of people complaining about it. Who on earth wouldn't like frozen little sparkles falling from the sky?! Some people...

I haven't had alot of time to craft lately so I have MANY projects that are being neglected. But, on Wednesday nights, I have to "babysit" the Mac Lab from 6-9 so I'm usually alone for 3 hours doing nothing. Tonight, I decided to spruce up some of my bobby pins!! I found this idea on Pinterest but couldn't find the actual tutorial so I winged it. 

I put my bobby pins on some paper so paint wouldn't get between them and stick them together.

And then I went to town painting them with nail polish!! (It took a few coats for the blue because it is so sheer. I COULD HAVE only done one coat of the sparkly polish, but I really like sparkles.. So I did four or five.)

This is only after one coat, and I let them dry for about five minutes between each coat so they didn't get tacky and yucky.

I think the blue ones are my favorites...Probably because they remind me of Cinderella with the light blue and sparkles. I mean, if I were Cinderella, I'd fo sho wear them to a ball.

And one last thing. Did you know that you're supposed to wear bobby pins with the bumpy side down and that flat part on the top? This completely blew my mind. Maybe I'll try it and see how it goes. But I'll probably forget. Old habits die hard.

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