Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wreaths!! :)

After seeing a few of these wreaths on Pinterest, Anna and I decided to attempt and make a few for our dear friend, Sharon, and for Anna's mom!

Here's what we looked at for inspiration--

I bought one wreath form for $3.99 and then four pipe insulators for $3. The package had four long pipe insulators. I cut one long piece of insulator in half (so it wouldn't kink) and curved it into a circle and taped it. Its not DRASTICALLY cheaper, but when you're a poor college kid, every dollar helps. 

All we did was wrap yarn around our foam circles and then added little embellishments. The wreath we made with the pipe insulators is a LITTLE wonky but it wasn't too bad.


I wish I would've gotten a closer picure of it as a whole, but here are some close ups of the details :)

Anna's wreath for her mama-

My bestest blonde friend-- 

Have a great Thanksgiving!! :)

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