Saturday, February 25, 2012

Its a....... (Or, they are......)

After much anticipation and lots of speculation, we FINALLY know the genders of the little people growin in me! 

But first, here are some pictures of cupcakes :)

Baby A cupcakes!

Baby B cupcakes!

Cute lil cookies my mom and I made.

Okay, Baby A---


And Baby B is.......


Baby Boy's profile

Baby Girl's profile

Baby Boy's hand

And if you dont think that that little hand is cute, you have something severely wrong with you.

I got that little plaid onesie because it reminded me of one of Jacob's pearl snaps :):)

Everyone is so excited to have a baby girl AND a baby boy joining our family in (hopefully) July. A boy for my dad and brother (because they are very outnumbered) and girl for me to put bows and dresses on. PERFECT. Even my papa Gene whispered to me, "You know, we were really hoping for one of each." So everyone is happy and the twinjas are cute and healthy! WOO!

Andddd no baby bump picture this week. Maybe next week!! 

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  1. Thats awesome Olivia exspecially and girl and a boy! Thats so exciting! :) Hope everything is going well and continues to go well. It was nice seeing you at country mart the other day.